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8 February 2021 16:14:00Cyberpunk 2077
Epic GASH antipersonnel grenade crafting schematic The epic version of the Gash Antipersonnel grenade does a lot of damage. The crafting spec can be found in Santo Domingo in Cyberpunk 2077.
8 February 2021 15:49:56Cyberpunk 2077
F-GX Frag Grenade Schematic This page has all the information about the F-GX Frag Grenade schematic in Cyberpunk 2077.
5 February 2021 01:54:47Cyberpunk 2077
All Jobs And Gigs A collection of all information about all gigs and jobs in Cyberpunk 2077.
5 February 2021 01:53:45Cyberpunk 2077
All Crafting Specs This page contains lists of all the crafting specs in Cyberpunk 2077.
5 February 2021 01:18:21Cyberpunk 2077 | Cyberpunk weapons
Cyberpunk 2077 weapons This page is the starting point for all Cyberpunk 2077 weapons. Legendary Cyberpunk 2077 weapons, iconic Cyberpunk 2077 weapons, etc. all go under this page in some way shape or form.
15 January 2021 21:46:30Cyberpunk 2077
Exploits This page catalogs all the known exploits in Cyberpunk 2077, as well as when they got patched out.
15 January 2021 21:45:40Cyberpunk 2077
Main Story Characters This page has all main story characters in Cyberpunk 2077.
15 January 2021 19:45:10Cyberpunk 2077
How to Use The Cyberpunk Wiki This page will teach you how to use this wiki, and formatting / syntax guidelines.
15 January 2021 19:28:24Cyberpunk 2077
Reinforced Composite-Lined Rocker Foldtop: Legendary Outer Torso Clothing Rare Rocker foldtop, outer torso clothing, found in Kabuki in Cyberpunk 2077.
15 January 2021 18:49:26Cyberpunk 2077
All Vehicles This page catalogs all vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077.
15 January 2021 17:48:48Cyberpunk 2077 | Cyberpunk weapons
Legendary Weapons This page is a catalog of all the legendary weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 and how to get them.
11 January 2021 02:40:52Cyberpunk 2077
Submachine Gun Builds Here are submachine gun builds in Cyberpunk 2077.
11 January 2021 02:40:04Cyberpunk 2077
Melee Builds Here are melee builds in Cyberpunk 2077.
11 January 2021 02:39:16Cyberpunk 2077
Pistol Builds Here are pistol builds for Cyberpunk 2077.
11 January 2021 02:37:13Cyberpunk 2077
Rifle Builds Here you'll find Rifle Builds in Cyberpunk 2077.
11 January 2021 02:36:02Cyberpunk 2077
Sniper Builds A place for good sniper builds in Cyberpunk 2077.
11 January 2021 02:33:52Cyberpunk 2077
Quickhacking Builds This page is for showing good quickhacking builds in Cyberpunk 2077.
11 January 2021 02:32:48Cyberpunk 2077
Stealth Builds This page is for showing good stealth builds in Cyberpunk 2077
10 January 2021 00:02:45Cyberpunk 2077
Skippy: Iconic Smart Pistol "A smartgun with a unique voice-user Interface. Slightly unpredictable"
10 January 2021 00:02:12Cyberpunk 2077
Satori: Iconic Katana "Property of Saburo Arasaka. An antique katana forged in the first the half of the 20th century that hasn't dulled a day"
9 January 2021 23:57:19Cyberpunk 2077
Overwatch: Iconic Power Sniper Rifle Overwatch is a modified 'SPT32 Grad' sniper rifle featuring an increased reload speed and a custom suppressor. Obtained from Panam at the end of the Side Job "Riders on the Storm".
9 January 2021 23:54:40Cyberpunk 2077
Malorian Arms 3516: Iconic Power Pistol "Custom-made for Johnny Silverhand. The guy had taste."
9 January 2021 23:53:43Cyberpunk 2077
Lizzie: Iconic Tech Pistol "It may look like a toy, but it sure doesn't shoot like one"
9 January 2021 23:52:31Cyberpunk 2077
Kongou: Iconic Power Pistol "The iron packed by Yorinobu Arasaka during his troubled youth. As beautiful as it is deadly"
9 January 2021 23:50:50Cyberpunk 2077
Doom Doom: Iconic Power Revolver "Known for turning enemies into unrecognizable piles of flesh. Warning: Requires extensive clean-up afterwards."
9 January 2021 23:45:36Cyberpunk 2077
Buzzsaw: Iconic Power Submachine Gun "An absolute beast with a nasty bite. Don't get too close"
9 January 2021 23:45:12Cyberpunk 2077
Archangel: Iconic Power Revolver "A piece of art that should never waste away in a display case"
9 January 2021 16:15:38Cyberpunk 2077 | Cyberpunk weapons
Iconic Weapons This page is for cataloging all the iconic weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 as well as how to get them.
8 January 2021 23:20:44Cyberpunk 2077
Perk Shards Here you'll find information on all the perk shards in Cyberpunk 2077.
8 January 2021 23:19:07Cyberpunk 2077
Perk Points Information about Perk Points in Cyberpunk 2077.
8 January 2021 23:18:03Cyberpunk 2077
Perks Here you'll find everything to know about perks in Cyberpunk 2077.
8 January 2021 23:16:51Cyberpunk 2077
Attributes This page will tell you everything you need to know about attributes.
8 January 2021 22:31:21Cyberpunk 2077
NPCs a list of all NPC's
8 January 2021 22:19:47Cyberpunk 2077
Side Characters Here you'll find information about each of the side characters in Cyberpunk 2077.
8 January 2021 22:19:33Cyberpunk 2077
Fixers This page showcases each of the fixers in Cyberpunk 2077.
8 January 2021 22:18:51Cyberpunk 2077
All Characters This page shows you all the characters in Cyberpunk 2077.
8 January 2021 21:51:12Cyberpunk 2077
Gigs Here you'll find all the gigs in Cyberpunk 2077.