What if I join the Myriad in Biomutant? What happens?

Joining the Myriad is the first major consequential decision you'll make in Biomutant. The Myriad and the Jagni are in a bitter war, with the Myriad wanting to save the tree of life and the Jagni wanting to destroy it. This Biomutant guide will help explain it all.

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When you join the Myriad you lock yourself into the fight against the Jagni. This will set you on a course to save the tree of life. The Myriad don't want to destroy the Jagni, they simply want to unite with them against the world eaters.

Here's a video showing the dialogue of how this all unfolds if you join the Myriad in Biomutant.

Now you have a better idea of how things go if you join the Myriad. They're one of six tribes and their leader, Abnormal Toxic, is the Sifu.

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