Borderlands 3 Breath of the Dying legendary weapon information

From the Legendary items list

Type: Assault Rifle

Rarity: Legendary

Manufacturer: Dahl

Red text: VexHelElEldZodEth

Drop Locations:

  • General loot

Unique Properties:

  • Spawns 12 corrosive orbs upon killing an enemy that fire off from the point of death in the shape of a dodecagon
  • Runes used to make Breath of the dying were Vex + Hel + El + Eld + Zod + Eth. i.e. the red text of the weapon
  • Good fire rate
  • Good magazine size
  • Trivia: red text and title are a reference to a powerful weapon rune word (a combination of runes that grant unique properties to socketed items) from Diablo 2

Known Prefixes:

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