Borderlands 3 Night Hawkin legendary weapon information

From the Legendary items list

Type: SMG

Rarity: Legendary

Manufacturer: Dahl

Red text: Stranger than things.

Drop Locations:

  • General loot

Unique Properties:

  • Fires between 1-3 bullets depending on day/night cycle
  • Fires ice or fire bullets based on day/ night cycle
  • If it has the "Artctic" prefix, it will always fire freeze bullets, but can also shoot fire bullets along with ice bullets depending on the day/ night cycle
  • Trivia: title and red text are a reference to "Hawkin's Lab" from the Netflix series "Stranger Things" Title and red text are a reference to the town of "Hawkins" where the Netflix series "Stranger Things" takes place.
  • High fire rate

Known Prefixes:

  • Arctic Reflexive

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