Conan Exiles vault crafting recipe

The vault crafting recipe in Conan Exiles gives access to the best storage item in the game: the vault. In order to learn this recipe players must be at least level 45 and have 10 knowledge points to spend.

The vault that this gives access to is gigantic. On top of being massive, it can also store a massive number of items. The vault in Conan Exiles stores 300 items and can only be destroyed using explosive jars and avatars. There are no in-hand weapons in Conan Exiles that can do damage to the vault.

On top of the strength of the vault, it also has 20,000 health points. In reality the only way anyone is going to crack the vault is with an avatar. Players would need to use 40 explosive jars in order to open up a vault, which is a ridiculous number of explosive jars to collect.

Below is a video showing what the vault looks like, how to destroy it, and how much storage it has.

The vault is one of the most interesting and fun items in all of Conan Exiles.

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