There are so many ways to get free crystals in Cookie Run Kingdom. There are events, arena rewards, daily rewards, and more! There are over 10 ways to get free crystals in Cookie Run Kingdom!

Before we begin, consider watching this 12 minute video that will highlight every way to get Cookie Run Kingdom free crystals:

If you prefer to read rather than watch, that's okay too! We've written out a big Cookie Run Kingdom guide specifically for free gems.

  1. Events

  2. Main Story

  3. Mail Crystals

  4. Achievements

  5. Fountain of Abundance

  6. Jelly Train

  7. Quests

  8. Decor

  9. Gacha

  10. Kingdom Arena

  11. Tree of Wishes

  12. Free Shop Crystals

  13. Kingdom Pass

  14. The Shop


Cookie Run Kingdom Events

The fastest way to get crystals is through completing events. Go to the events button at the top right and try to complete as many events as you possibly can. Many events give crystals as rewards, and sometimes things like cookie cutters and treasure tickets. Every cookie cutter you get will save you 300 crystals, so keep that in mind.

Cookie Run Kingdoms Main Story

The next best way to get cookie run kingdom crystals is through the main story. Completing the main story will give you crystals, especially if you get 3 stars on every battle. Every milestone you complete in the main story unlocks 300 gem bonuses in the events tab. Also getting 3 stars on all battle for an entire episode of the story will give you 1,500 gems at the bottom of the screen while looking at the world map for that episode.

Cookie Run Kingdom Mail Crystals

Check your mail every time you get a new message in Cookie Run Kingdom. The reason for this is sometimes the game developers send everybody crystals in the mail. One time the servers went down and they sent everyone 10,000 crystals in the mail. Mail expires so be sure to check it often, you don't want to miss an opportunity for free gems.

Cookie Run Kingdom Achievements

The achievements are another great way to get hidden gems in Cookie Run Kingdom. At the top right, click your portrait. Then at the bottom tap achievements. Here you can get bonus one time gems for accomplishing achivements. You can get thousands of gems from here.

Cookie Run Kingdom Fountain of Abundance

The fountain of abundance actually gives crystals. You have to level it up to at least level 4, then wait for it to completely fill before taking your rewards. The higher the level of the fountain and the longer you wait, the more gems you'll get. The fountain doesn't give a lot of gems, but you can get them every day.

Cookie Run Kingdom Jelly Train

The Jelly train in Cookie Run Kingdom actually gives gems sometimes! It does not give very many crystals, but it's a renewable source of crystals. Once you have three trains, send them out as often as possible for the best chance of getting free gems every day.

Cookie Run Kingdom Quests

The quests in this mobile game sometimes give crystals. Be sure to do as many quests as you can, you never know when they'll reward you with crystals. Not only that, they give massive amounts of kingdom xp!

First Decor Sets

Go to buildings and check out the decor tab. The first few sets of decor only cost coins to place all the items but give some crystals when you complete the sets.

Gacha Pull Section Free Daily Rewards

Go to the gacha tab and get your daily rewards every day. You can get 30 crystals per day from here.

Kingdom Arena

The Kingdom Arena is a great way to get crystals. You get crystals every time you tier up, and at the end of the season the higher rank you are the more crystals you get as a reward. Seasons last about 30 days, so prepare carefully.

Tree of Wishes

Doing wishes at the tree of wishes works towards a daily rewards chest at the bottom right. These can have gems in them. On a good day you can get more than 50 crystals from these. Be sure to do wishes at the tree of wishes every day for your daily rewards. The first chest requires 10 wishes, then an additional 15 for the next, then another 20 for the last chest.

Free daily shop crystals

Did you know in the shop there's a tab that gives you free crystals every day? It's not many, just 30 crystals, but when you combine that with all the other free daily crystals you can maybe get a gacha pull every day!

Kingdom Pass

If you want to buy the kingdom pass, it does let you get some free crystals at different intervals. If you have the kingdom pass be sure to collect your daily and seasonal challenges as frequently as you can so you can hit kingdom pass level 100 before the end of the season!

The Shop

Finally if you do want to spend real life money on crystals be sure to do the math before buying! There are more than one way to spend your money to buy crystals in Cookie Run Kingdom. Sometimes you can pay less money for more gems by buying one of the special deals. For example, there may be a deal for 5 dollars for 300 gems per day for 10 days, or 5 dollars for 1000 gems all at once. In that example it would be better to buy the 300 gems per day because you would get 3 times more crystals by the end of it.