There aren't many healer cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom, but we've put together a tier list showing you what the best to worst healers are in the game.

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Best to worst healer cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom:

#1: Herb Cookie


Herb Cookie is hands down the best healer cookie in the game. He does area of effect healing that heals for a percentage of cookies maximum health. This does tremendous amounts of healing.

#2: Sparkling Cookie

Sparkling Cookie.jpg

Sparkling Cookie is arguably the second best healer. He heals two targets for a decent amount of HP, and then also buffs all party members critical chance by 15%.

#3: Custard Cookie


Custard Cookie heals for almost as much as Sparkling Cookie, and puts a temporary shileld on the two targets that effectively heals them more than sparkling cookie. Sadly that's not as useful as a blanket 15% crit chance to all party members.

#4: Angel Cookie

Angel Cookie.jpg

Angel Cookie may be cuter than the rest, but sadly she's the worst healer of the four. While she does heal all party members, that's all her ability does. Not only that, but the heal does a very low percentage of her attack. To make matters worse, angel cookie doesn't even have high attack. Angel cookie's a common cookie for a reason, sadly she's the worst healer in Cookie Run Kingdom.


There you have it. There are only four healer cookies in the game. When more healer cookies are added we'll update this list, or if the stats of these cookies get changed, we'll re-rank them.

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