Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells wiki

Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells is a fun new mobile game where players must complete puzzles to progress through the game. In this game players line up gems ot create bombs, collection bags, lightning bolts, and keys. Throughout the game players face a variety of challenges, most of which require the player to line up gems next to the objective to either destroy it or activate it.

The puzzles get harder and harder with later levels requiring an elemnt of luck in order to win. Eventually you'll hit the barrier of paying money to keep playing, or waiting for your lives to recharge, which takes 30 minutes per life.

An important tip for beating later level is to always look up above what you want to do and see if there's some way you can plan ahead to create the special items like the bag or the bomb. Later levels often require at least one or two uses of the bag mixed with another item in order to win.

Player can also join a club in the game to chat with other people. Clubs can work together to rank up and receive rewards. Every puzzle a player beats gives league trophies to their club. Also if you run out of lives you can ask your club for lives and people may donate some of their lives to you do you can keep playing.

There are also pets that players unlock eventually which convery gems on the board to special items, like bombs, at the very beginning of the puzzle. These bonuses only work when the player is on a win streak. They're extremely helpful and are good for keeping the momentum going when you're winning a lot.

Overall Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells is a great game that will have you coming back day after day (when your lives recharge). For users who are free to pay, the game is a fun thing to play every day; and for those with bottomless wallets, it's a fun game to play all day every day until you finally get burnt out after a few days or weeks.


Clubs and league tiers

If you want to know more about Clubs and League Tiers in Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells then head on over to this page. Every player should join a club, where solving puzzles can contribue to tiering up a club, offering rewards and more! Also when you run low on lives you can ask your club for extra lives, or give them away yourself. Clubs are quite possibly the best part of this game and are a great place to make new friends and work together for a common cause.