Get All the Collectible Items in Feldcraft in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is a popular game in the Harry Potter universe and players are always on the lookout for collectible items. In this article, we will be showing you how to get all the collectible items including the demiguise statue in feldcroft. The demiguise statue can be found in the southwest of Hogwarts and there are four collection chests, two Field Guide pages, and one demiguise statue to be collected.

The first item, located in the northwest of the food flame, is found in an old shack. You will need alohomora to access this item. If you don't have alamora, make sure to check the description of the video for tips on how to get it.

Next, head over to the center of town to a well where you will find the field guide page. Then, just past the shop, there is a house where you will find the second collection chest.

For the third field guide page, head over to the east northeast of town where you will find the page in front of some magical dummy things. To access the final two chests, you will need alohomora level two. You can either unlock the house by solving a mini-game puzzle or by auto-solving it. The first chest can be found upstairs, while the second chest is outside of the house, around the corner by the logs.

In conclusion, that's how you can get all the collectible items in feldcroft in Hogwarts Legacy. If this article has helped you, make sure to check the description for other helpful videos about the game. The author of this article also has a game on Steam called "Art Gallery Simulator," which you can wishlist to support them.

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