A Minecraft seed with a village, mountains, ocean, and plains right at the start

Minecraft is one of the top three best selling video games of all time. While Minecraft had a humble beginning, it is now one of the most well known and most popular games in the world.

Originally created by a Swedish game designer between 2009 and 2011, Minecraft became so popular that it was sold to Microsoft for 2.5 billion U.S. dollars. Minecraft is a procedurally generated sandbox game where the map is generated randomly by a series of numbers which players can enter into the game in order to get the same world, these are called Minecraft Seeds. These worlds can be saved and reloaded without having to enter in any information.

Being a sandbox game, there is no stated goal in Minecraft. Players are free to roam and do as they please at their own pace. The closest thing Minecraft has to an in-game goal is the possibility of going to "the end" and defeating the "Ender Dragon." Players can do this through a complicated process where they collect many of an item called "eye of ender," find a "stronghold" which will have a portal to "the end," and then placing the eyes of ender in slots around the portal to open it. After doing all of that players may enter "the end" and try to slay the Ender Dragon.

Also because Minecraft is a sandbox game, this has encouraged people all over the world to make thousands of modifications to the game, these are generally called "Minecraft mods." Each of these can be downloaded and added to the game to expand the Minecraft experience. Some can add new items to craft, others can change how biomes look, and these are just two of the many different types of Minecraft mods out there on the internet.

Originally Minecraft was designed as a single-player game, but now offers multiplayer through what people call "Minecraft servers." With some technical know-how people can setup a server and have their friends join it, or they can find a public Minecraft server to play on instead. With how difficult it is for beginners to setup a Minecraft server, it's generally better to find a list of public Minecraft servers to play on. Some of the Minecraft servers out there see 10,000+ players on a daily basis!

As for what people play as in Minecraft, the main character is a blocky shaped person who can be customized with what people call "Minecraft skins" to look like whatever he/she chooses to. Whether it's a makeshift pickachu, a man in a business suit, or just a plain looking person, they're out there for download on various sites on the internet. Most players will rarely ever see themselves since the only way to do so is by changing the camera with the "F5" key, which can make the game difficult to play for some people.

Minecraft is a well-rounded sandbox game, now owned by Microsoft, available on PC, phones, and consoles. There are hundreds of items to craft, resources to gather, home and castles to be created, and much much more. With the help of Minecraft servers, Minecraft mods, and Minecraft seeds, the fun will take a very long time to end. There's good reason that Minecraft is the number two selling video game of all time, it's a fantastic game, with countless possibilities of what to do in the game.

Minecraft seeds

Minecraft seeds are one of the best parts of Minecraft. Players can enter in a series of numbers when creating a new world in order to get the same world every time. This is a fantastic way for players to share worlds they've found with their friends.

We have an ongoing collection of cool Minecraft seeds to try out, just follow one of the links above to check out out Minecraft seeds section.

There are many different kinds of seeds for Minecraft, including village seeds, island seeds, mountain seeds, and so on. While players can generally find anything on every seed, usually they have to travel for hours to try to find what they're looking for. It's for this reason it's best to pick a Minecraft seed where players start off right next to the specific thing they want, as opposed to searching for it for days.


Minecraft seeds