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Minecraft three tree survival island

This is a great Minecraft survival island seed. This place gives players 3 trees to survive off of and very little dirt. This is a really perfect Minecraft seed for anyone wanting the classic survival island style of world. It will take quite a bit of wit to live on this barren island.

Fun Minecraft survival island seed in giant lake

This is a really fun Minecraft survival island seed that's pretty easy to survive on. This is in a giant lake, it's the only island around. There are plenty of trees so apples are good for food to survive on. There's also a small sand barge right off shore, it's a pretty fun and generic Minecraft seed for islands.

Awesome Minecraft jungle seed

This is a really cool Minecraft seed. Players start off in a huge jungle with a jungle temple right near the start. This is a great Minecraft seed for exploring an enormous jungle.

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