1.16.1 Big island seed for Minecraft with exposed shiwpreck, mountain, and horses

Here's an awesome Minecraft seed for 1.16.1 where you start on a giant island with a mountain in the center of the island. On top of that there's a shipwreck above the water in an even smaller sand barge just off the coast of the main island. This is one of the best Minecraft seeds of 1.16.1 and if you're wanting an island seed then this is perfect.

The seed is: -5350229968924578105

That's not all, there are animals on this island too. There are horses, pigs, and sheep on this 1.16.1 island seed. One of the best parts of this Minecraft seed is that there are a bunch of caves on the island. There's a lot of fun Minecraft adventures on this island and it's a great place to play Minecraft. 

The mountains in the center are a great place to build upon and it's big enough to support multiple players living here. If you get bored there are swamp biomes just a small swim away from the island. This is a beautiful Minecraft seed for 1.16.1 and is a fantastic place to play Minecraft.