1.16.5 village island Minecraft seed by giant mushrooms and water temple

We found an epic 1.16.5 Minecraft seed. This time it's a village island seed next to a giant mushroom island biome and a water temple. This is an amazing 1.16.5 village seed for Minecraft, or an insane 1.16.5 island seed for Minecraft, depending on how you look at it.

The seed is: -2479144287229993457

Minecraft seeds like this are so rare. It's crazy to find a village seed like this. You start on the island seed in front of a ton of turtles. The village is huge and it's a super cool place to play Minecraft. There's an ocean monument nearby too that you can explore once you get setup and figure out a way to explore the depths of it. This is truly one of the best Minecraft seeds we've ever found.