Above ground ocean ruins with jungle temple in a 1.16.5 Minecraft seed

Here's a really nice Minecraft jungle temple seed. This is a 1.16.5 seed for Minecraft that has a jungle temple near the start. Not only that, you start on a peninsula too with a giant island nearby if you want to live on a giant island instead. There are two ocean ruins that are both above ground on the peninsula as well. It's a crazy good Minecraft seed. One of the best seeds for Minecraft.

The seed is: -7231794476495752758

So players start on the peninsula. The jungle temple can be found at X-264 by z7. Stay around the peninsula area on this Minecraft seed and follow the shore to eventually find the ruins as well. Inside of the jungle temple is a bunch of gold and iron bars, assuming you don't get yourself killed to the traps inside of the ruins.

This is a fun place to play Minecraft and the jungle biome is absolutely massive. Even just from a jungle seed standpoint this is an amazing seed for Minecraft 1.16.5 because the jungle is gigantic. There's so much underbrush and scary Minecraft seed to explore in this one. It's really a wonderful place to get lost in a jungle over and over again. There's also a crap ton of water in this jungle, so it's exceptionally swampy for a jungle seed. Definitely one of the best seeds to play Minecraft.

Walkthrough of this Jungle seed on YouTube: