Beautiful big turtle island seed for Minecraft 1.16.5

This is such a beautiful Minecraft island seed, it's amazing. This 1.16.5 seed for Minecraft boasts a big tree covered island with one singular giant tree at the very top of the hill. Below this legendary oak is a freshwater lake perfectly placed on the top of the island. This is one of the best Minecraft island seeds ever.

The seed is: 1602548819262734847

This turtle island seed has a crap ton of turtles on the beaches. It's pretty far away from any other island. There are a lot of trees and lots of dirt to use, but the main thing is just how beautiful this seed for Minecraft looks. It's easily the most beautiful island seed we've found yet. It's just got the perfect touch of everything and looks just right. It's a wonderful place to play Minecraft.

YouTube video of the 1.16.5 turtle island seed for Minecraft: