Epic Minecraft mountain village 1.17.1 seed two cities java PC versions

Here's an epic Minecraft 1.17.1 seed. You start between two villages, one of which is carved into a mountain. There are no minecraft ravines nearby, but these are good Minecraft seed numbers. It's one of the best survival seeds for 1.17,1 if you want to live in a cool village seed. This Minecraft village seed has two villages really nearby one another.

The seed is: 6093795201264325211

If you play on survival mode it's one of the good survival seeds because of the epic village to live in, not to mention the taiga and swamp nearby for additional resources. It's one of the best 1.17 seeds. It doesn't work for Minecraft all versions, only on java, but it's one of the best java seeds for Minecraft 1.17.1, easily. This is actually a great place to play Minecraft cross platform. You could play minecraft with your friends where one of you lives in one village and the other lives in the other. Alternatively you could play minecraft single player on this plains / forest village seed for Minecraft, maybe you could build a railroad between the two village and turn it into an industrial town.

This works on the Minecraft latest version, which is the Minecraft new version 2021: 1.17.1, and probably works on older Minecraft versions too. If you're looking for a good seed for Minecraft, this is one of the best 1.17.1 Minecraft village seeds that you can use to play Minecraft.

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