Minecraft 1.17.1 pillager outpost seed in plains near forests and village

Here's a scary Minecraft 1.17.1 seed where you start near a pillager outpost. This enemy spawn is in the middle of a plains biome that's surrounded by forest. It's one of the best 1.17 seeds if you like pillager outposts. Minecraft seed numbers don't always give seed that start you right next to something cool like this.

The seed is: 7340967099322466040

This Minecraft pillager outpost seed is a fun place to start a new Minecraft world adventure. It's possibly one of the best java seeds, but probably one of the best 1.17 seeds for Minecraft. It won't work on Minecraft all versions, but it definitely works on the Minecraft new version 2021, which is 1.17.1 and came out in July 9th, 2021. It's a great Minecraft single player seed but you can also play Minecraft cross platform here. It's a great place to play Minecraft with friends.

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