Minecraft shipwreck igloo snow seed

Here's an amazing Minecraft 1.15.2 seed where players start right next to a shipwreck with some enchanted armor in it. This Minecraft snow seed also has an igloo among the massive snowy taiga. There's frozen ocean here and apparently the ship lost its way and crashed into some ice and sunk on the shore. There's other biomes off in the distance, ironically, a desert and a mesa border the cold snowy taiga.

The seed is: -2613891731363585209

This is a really epic play to play Minecraft because on this Minecraft seed there's a shipwreck and an igloo. With this you can have fun games to play where you pretend this was your ship, and you crash landed in the ice and have to take refugee in an igloo. There's a lot of early game roleplaying that can go on with this awesome Minecraft seed. What a wonderful and cold place to play Minecraft.