Mushroom island 1.16.5 seed for Minecraft at spawn point

This is amazing, it's a giant mushroom island seed right at the spawn point. This is one of the best Minecraft seeds for 1.16.5, hands down. Players start on a big island seed with a bunch of trees, and literally 50 blocks away is a giant mushroom island. It's a great Minecraft seed for sure.

The seed is: -8019460787515414338

The mushroom island isn't very big, but it's location is so convenient. There's no traveling or checking coordinates, it's just right there. Not only that, but the island around it are decent too, including the starting island. The starting island has a ton of trees and a freshwater lake. It's truly a beautiful 1.16.5 mushroom seed for Minecraft, and a fantastic place to play Minecraft.

YouTube walkthrough of this 1.16.4 Mushroom island seed: