Minecraft shipwreck mountain seed 1.15.2

Wow what a cool shipwreck! This is an awesome Minecraft 1.15.2 seed with a shipwreck on an island right near the starting area. The coolest part about this shipwreck is how perfectly it looks crashed into and enveloped by the island. 

The seed is: 9069141728426190005

That's not all to this Minecraft seed 1.15.2, there's an outcrop of mountains in the distance which makes this a Minecraft mountain seed as well. There's frozen ocean biome here with plenty of ocean ice spikes to check out and across the waterway is a swamp. Apparently there's a village just beyond the swamp for any of you who want to explore this Minecraft island seed in more detail.

Overall it's a pretty good Minecraft seed. There's plenty of forest, mountains, an island, and a shipwreck with potential to find more good features along the way. This is one of the cool Minecraft seeds.