Animal Taming Guide

This Valheim guide will teach you how to tame animals in Valheim. It turns out some enemies can be tamed and bred for food. As of the early access release, there are three tamable enemies: Lox, Wolves, and Boar.

Before we begin, consider watching the video guide first:

What you have to do is build a pen out of wood or stone building pieces. Leave an opening and then go aggro a nearby boar or lox. Have them chase you into the pen and then get out and seal them in. They'll thrash around for a while but if you build a good enough pen they'll calm down before they break out. You can also repair the pen as they destroy it.

After they're trapped throw some food into the pen, namely mushrooms and berries. Then stay in render range while they tame. As long as the animals are fed they'll slowly become tame. For a lox this process takes around an hour.

Once they're tamed you can breed them by feeding them and petting them when there are more than one in the pen. Currently there's not much you can do with them except kill them for food.

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