The Workbench is the most basic yet most vital of all crafting buildings in Valheim. This structure can be made with a hammer and allows for the creation of many other items and buildings. In order to upgrade your workbench you'll have to build other workbench upgrades near your workbench. Each of those buildings can be unlocked once you find the resources required for them.

To build the Valheim workbench you need:

When you first start a world seed in Valheim you can find wood on the ground if you don't have tools to cut down trees.

The workbench has the following upgrades:

  • Chopping Block
  • Tanning Rack
  • Adze
  • Tool Shelf

Each of these will upgrade the workbench an additional level. They do not need to be built in a particular order, each one will simply increase the workbench level from what it was to a new value.

To use a workbench it needs a thatched roof over it

This can be done by placing two walls behind the workbench and then sticking thatched roof to them which hang over top of the workbench. Or if you have the time you can build a full house with thatched roof to use the workbench.

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