Warpath game / app guides

This part of the Warpath wiki is for guides. This is where we add guides for Warpath, like how to get free gold, how to alliances work, and so on. Any time we add a new Warpath guide it will be here.

Warpath Guides list:

Free Warpath gold guide

We've made a comprehensive gold farming guide for Warpath. There are a lot of ways to get free gold in Warpath, so check out the guide for more detailed information. In summary, you can get free gold from leveling up, daily missions, normal missions, events, plunder, major Raven military installations, messages in your inbox, defeating increasing stronger Raven troops, and camp promotions. For more information on any of those gold farming messages, check out the Warpath gold farming guide.

Warpath building materials guide

Now we have a building materials guide for Warpath. In this tutorial we'll teach you not just how to get more building materials in Warpath, but also how to better manage your engineering center so that you can produce resources more quickly and efficiently. There are also ways to get building materials you might not know of, like the alliance store or the black market. Be sure to look check out the Building materials guide for all the tips and tricks we have so far.

How to get more Warpath universal coupons

We've made a Warpath universal and camp coupons guide for you. It explains all the ways that you can get more coupons so you may unlock more units using armament chests. Between VIP daily reward boxes and daily missions you can get 5 coupons per day. Then you can get more coupons from the black market, the alliance store, and also one time coupons from leveling up, camp rank levels, and so on. Check out the coupon guide for more on how to get coupons in Warpath.

Warpath alliances guide

Alliances are a vital part of Warpath. We've made a full alliances guide for Warpath that will teach you all you need to know as a normal member of an alliance. These powerful congregation of players form the backbone of safety in the violent Warpath world. You'll want to try to be part of a competent and powerful alliance if you want to last long and prosper in Warpath.

How to get more resources in Warpath

Resources are the backbone of late game technology research. We've made a full guide on how to get more resources in Warpath. Oil, Steel, and War Money can be obtained in steady quantities every day from missions, convoys, and so on. You can also use these resources to buy stuff from the black market. It's important to know every way to get resources so you can optimize your gameplay in Warpath.