Warpath game / app Missions

In Warpath, missions are a great way to get free resources and gold. You should always be checking your missions and doing them whenever reasonable. Also daily missions are a good source of gold and if you can manage to complete all of them each day, you can net 500 gold per day on the final reward box. Also officer missions are a fantastic way to level up officers, as well as increase your camp rank, and the best part is that officer missions are free to do.

Let's start off with our YouTube video that explains missions in detail for you:

Main Warpath Missions

The most basic missions in Warpath are simply labeled "main missions." These are one time missions that give you various rewards. As you complete them, more of them appear. They probably run out eventually, but while they last they can give you extra money, oil, and steel. Also the very top mission gives gold and gets replaced with another mission each time you complete it.

Warpath Daily Missions

Daily missions are extremely important in Warpath. As you do daily missions and collect them you unlock reward boxes for that day. The third box gives 100 gold and the final box gives 500 gold. If you do enough daily missions to unlock all your reward boxes you can get 600 free Warpath gold every single day.

Warpath Officer Missions

Officer missions are the most important missions in Warpath. These are unlocked at commander level 12 and they're free to do. You want to go here and assign your officers to missions as often as you can.

Every time your officers complete missions you get camp rank experience. To access camp rank go to system at the bottom right and then camp rank. There you can spend your camp rank experience to level up your camp ranks which will get you rewards and strength bonuses to your units. Every camp rank level you unlock gives you access to higher level officer missions. You always want to be doing the highest level officer mission that you have available to you.

Also an important thing to know is that having your officers doing missions has no draw backs. Your officers are still on the battlefield while doing officer missions and can still be used in campaign. Because there are no limitations like that you should have your officers doing their officer missions as often as you possibly can.

Warpath Camp Rank

To access camp rank go to system at the bottom right and then camp rank. The camp ranks in Warpath are a great way to get free power and sometimes gold and supplies.

There are three camps that you can level up in the camp rank tab:

  • Camp Liberty
  • Martyr's Watch
  • Vanguard Division

At all times in the officer missions tab there will be one available mission for each of these camps. Doing a mission for one camp gives camp experience for that camp only. Each camp also has its own rewards for leveling up.

The first three levels unlock level 1 of each strength bonus, and the next three levels unlock level 2 of each bonus, and so on. It's important to level up your camp rank as quickly as you can. There's no reason not to, leveling up camp rank is a free way to get more strength in warpath.