Warpath game / app Officers list

In Warpath, officers lead units and give them stat bonuses. Also officers can do officer missions to gain camp rank and officer experience. All officers can level up and be promoted, as well as upgrade their skills, provided you have enough of the prerequisite items for them.

Warpath army officers list:

  • Adjutant Percy (Sharon Percy)
  • Angel of Light (Florence Borden)
  • Antonina Shevchenko (Antonina Shevchenko)
  • Bloody Mary (Dorothy Rodriguez)
  • Fox of the Highlands (Erwin Schmitz)
  • Guardian of Truth (Wilhelm von Zeppelin)
  • Sergeant Spanner (Jack Spanner)
  • The Eruptor (Valery Yakovlevich Alexey)
  • White Wolf (Mira Ivanovna Volkova)

Warpath airforce officers list:

  • Wings of Glory (Jean Dufort)
  • Golden Pixie (Doris Morgenstern)