Eri Kamataki - Yakuza: Like a Dragon wiki

Eri Kamataki is the inheritor of the Ichiban Confections business. When her father passed away she dropped out of school to take over the business. Unfortunately she didn't have any business acumen and failed to continue where her father left off. Eventually she gets scammed and ends up losing all of the businesses except for the original Ichiban Confectionary.

This is where she is in her story when she meets Ichiban Kasuga. He talks himself into trying to help her restore her business, which leads to the thrilling business management minigame. Anyone who progresses through this mini game can unlock Eri Kamataki as the seventh, secret playable character in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. She's the only optional party member and can be skipped entirely.

According to her character profile:

"The successor to one of Isezaki Ijincho's long-established businesses, Ichiban Confections. Her naivety and lack of experience allowed her to be deceived by the president of a certain company, who convinced her to take out a hefty loan. After the death of her savior and longtime friend, Nonomiya, she nearly lost all hope. But then Ichiban Kasuga showed up..."

Her default job is clerk. She can also take on any of the other jobs for female playable characters including: Idol, Dealer, Hostess, and Night Queen.