Conan Exiles Acolyte of Mitra crafting recipe

The Acolyte of Mitra crafting recipe is one of the three basic religious crafting recipes in Conan Exiles. This recipe is required in order to build a shrine of Mitra. Without this recipe players cannot build a shrine of Mitra, and they cannot craft anything at an already built shrine of Mitra.

This crafting recipe also unlocks three craftable items at the shrine. These items are the Mitraen Ankh, Ambrosia, and Offering to Mitra.

The Mitraen Ankh is the most basic tool of any worshiper of Mitra. With this tool players can collect Lingering Essence off of dead humanoid enemies. This lingering essence can be used at the Altar to craft either Ambrosia or an Offering to Mitra. The Ambrosia is a really effective healing item, and the Offering to Mitra puts one manifestation of zeal into the altar, which can be used later to upgrade the altar to the next tier.

This crafting recipe is the first step in summoning the Avatar Mitra, which can be done much later at level 50 with the third Mitra crafting recipe. Summoning an avatar in Conan Exiles is a lot of work, and takes quite a bit of time.

The best way to use the Mitraen Ankh is on wild thrall camps. This item can also be used on player characters as well. It's always good idea to carry a Mitraen Ankh around in case players stumble upon a human corpse out in the wilderness. Only one lingering essence can be acquired per corpse, so it takes a lot of work to collect a lot of lingering essence.

The religion system is one of the best parts of Conan Exiles. This crafting recipe is the first step to summoning an Avatar. Players start with this crafting recipe from the beginning if they picked the Mitra religion, otherwise they will either need to spend 50 knowledge points to unlock it, or find Jamila the Pirate Queen who will teach it for free out in the world of Conan Exiles.

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