Conan Exiles Bedshaper crafting recipe

The Conan Exiles Bedshaper crafting recipe allows players to make beds, which are a major upgrade from fiber bedrolls. Beds can be used as a revival spawn point as many times as the player wants, whereas fiber bedrolls are one time use respawn items.

The bed can only be destroyed by weapons and tools. Players can respawn at a bed infinitely.

In order to unlock the Conan Exiles Bedshaper crafting recipe players need to first be level 13. After reaching level 13 players will need to also unlock the journeyman craftsman recipe. Once these conditions are met players can buy the Conan Exiles bedshaper crafting recipe for 3 knowledge points.

While the bedshaper recipe is a little on the expensive side for this level, it's well worth it. With a bed players can more easily manage where they want to live in Conan Exiles.

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