Conan Exiles Brute crafting recipe

The Brute crafting recipe unlocks the two most basic blunt weapons in Conan Exiles. These two weapons are extremely crude and weak, but they'll get the job done at the lower levels of the game. The two weapons are the Stone Club and the Stone Maul.

In order to unlock the Brute crafting recipe players must first unlock the apprentice craftsman recipe. That recipe only costs 1 knowledge point to unlock. The Brute crafting recipe uses 2 knowledge points, so in total it costs 3 knowledge points to unlock this crafting recipe.

Also players must be at least level 5 to unlock the brute crafting recipe. In order to level up in Conan Exiles players must slay the wildlife and monsters, or gather resources and craft items.

The Brute recipe is the most basic blunt weapon crafting recipe. This recipe is required to make the higher level blunt weapons in Conan Exiles.

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