Conan Exiles carpetmaker crafting recipe

The Conan Exiles Carpetmaker crafting recipe is used to make the carpet item. This item is a fun luxury item that allows players to decorate their houses, or even castles. While this item has no real utility, it's a nice way to add style or beauty to any building.

To get the Conan Exiles carpetmaker crafting recipe players must first reach level 19. On top of reaching level 19 players must also have the journeyman craftsman recipe unlocked. After getting all that players can then buy the Conan Exiles carpetmaker crafting recipe for 1 knowledge point. At level 19, 1 knowledge point is border-line free. So this recipe is pretty affordable.

While this crafting recipe isn't necessary, it will definitely feel like it for anyone whose main focus is to build with style. Players who focus on making fun houses and castles will definitely benefit from purchasing the carpetmaker crafting recipe in Conan Exiles.

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