Conan Exiles sandstone stairs crafting recipe

The Conan Exiles sandstone stairs crafting recipe is used to make sandstone stairs. These stairs are the most basic version and can be used to traverse multiple floors in a building. Stars are a vital way to connect building pieces of different heights.

In order to get the Conan Exiles sandstone stairs crafting recipe players must first reach level 7. Also players need to grab the apprentice stonemason crafting recipe. Once these conditions have been met players can purchase the Conan Exiles sandstone crafting recipe for only 1 knowledge point. For builders, this is one of the most vital crafting recipes to pick up in the game.

Sandstone stairs can be used in many different creative ways. Not only can players connect building levels, they can also use them in decorative ways potentially. Sandstone stairs are one of the most basic and vital pieces when building a Conan Exiles house.

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