Conan Exiles Items list

This is the Conan Exiles items list. Here is a list of all the items currently in the game. Each item links to a page about that item, what it does, what it looks like, how to make it, and any other relevant information about the item.

This list is an ongoing project and is still being updated. If you're having trouble finding a specific item, try the find feature in your browser. The shortcut for this is Ctrl + F in Windows and Cmd + F in Mac.

Consumables, food, potions, etc.



Flinthead Arrows

Hunting Bow

Stone Club

Stone Maul

Stone Sword

Wooden Shield


Coarse footwraps

Coarse handwraps

Coarse leggings

Coarse tunic

Crafting stations

Crafting items and resources



Plant fiber




Building pieces, decorations, and storage

Repair Hammer

Sandstone Ceiling

Sandstone doorframe

Sandstone foundation

Sandstone wall

Simple Wooden Door


Survival items


Fiber bedroll

Improvised torch

Sealed Waterskin

Stone hatchet

Stone pick

Religious buildings and items


Human Heart

Lingering Essence

Manifestation of Zeal

Mitraen Ankh

Offering to Mitra

Pit of Yog

Purified Flesh

Sepulcher of Set

Set Antidote

Setite Ritual Knife

Shrine of Mitra

Unblemished Human Meat

Yog Cleaver


There are many items in Conan Exiles. It will take a very long time to have seen all the items in-game.

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