Conan Exiles coarse handwraps

The coarse handwraps are one of the four pieces of the coarse armor set in Conan Exiles. The coarse armor and be crafted by default without having to learn any crafting recipes thanks to the weaver recipe which is learned by default on all new characters.

In order to craft the coarse handwraps players need 8 plant fiber, which can be gathered from large bushes with E (default key) on the keyboard. These bushes can be found all over the Conan Exiles world.

While the coarse armor is probably the worst in the game, it's better than having no armor. The coarse handwraps in particular only give 1 armor point and 1 point of poise. While it's not good, it has the potential to make the difference when fighting the weaker wildlife and monsters in Conan Exiles.

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