Conan Exiles religions

In Conan Exiles there are religions. At the beginning of early access release there are 3 religions players can choose from. Each of these religions give certain benefits to the player, giving them special items to craft. Every time players process goods at altars it creates manifestations of zeal which are stored in the Altar. These are required in order to upgrade an altar, along with player levels, crafting recipes for the higher level altars, and a lot of items.

From the looks of the user interface in the character creation screen, there are likely to be more than 3 religions in future updates of the game. As of the time of this writing there are three religions: Set, Yog, and Mitra. The end game goal of these religions is to summon an avatar, which is a colossal player-controlled summon, used to destroy enemy bases.

Religion is a surprisingly integral part of the Conan Exiles experience. There are also NPC's out in the world who can teach players all the religions, saving valuable knowledge points. Seeking out these characters can be extremely valuable to certain people. These characters are Mek-Kamoses the teacher of Set, Jamila the Pirate Queen the teacher of Mitra, and Nunu the Cannibal the teacher of Yog.

Religion is an interesting aspect to the game. Overall religion adds quite a bit to the overall experience of Conan Exiles.

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