Minecraft Desert Seeds

Minecraft desert seeds are unique environments that are obviously dry and full of cacti. These Minecraft seeds have the potential to contain some of the most unique naturally generated structures in all of Minecraft. Players can find some interesting features in these places.

All Minecraft desert seeds:

There are three main features to find in Minecraft desert seeds. These are villages, desert temples, and wells. Deserts are one of the few environments where players can find Minecraft village seeds.

Desert temples are another great feature to discover in a Minecraft desert seed. These places have difficult treasures to obtain, but are often times quite worth the effort. There's a trap that players must avoid in order to collect the treasure without blowing it all up.

Minecraft desert seeds are surprisingly unique and interesting. While deserts aren't very fun, there are a lot of features to find in them that can be a lot of fun.

Minecraft 1.11.2 desert seeds:

Minecraft desert seed with temple village

Here's a pretty fun Minecraft desert seed to play with. Players start on the edge of a desert. Before long they'll stumble upon a village with a temple built into it. There's also a sandy mountain right nearby.

Anyone wanting a desert to explore will want to try this one out. It's a desert with bonus features basically. While there's not much difference between deserts in Minecraft seeds, this one has some uniqueness to it that makes it worth checking out.

Giant Minecraft desert seed with village

Here's another fun Minecraft desert seed to play on. Players start in a desert next to a very large village. This is a nice place to start, with a little access to some plains and forest.

The desert element of this Minecraft desert seed is massive. Players can explore the desert for almost as long as they desire. Massive deserts like this are fun, and there are probably plenty more villages out there to find in the heat of the desert.

Minecraft desert seed with another village and temple

Here's another cool Minecraft desert seed. Players start south of a village that has a desert temple right there. These are always fun because the desert temple looks like a place of religious worship for the villagers.

The desert in this Minecraft seed is fairly large, but not as large as some of the other deserts. Either way it's still a fun Minecraft desert seed to play on. The village is a nice touch with plenty of food, and there's plenty else to explore and find as well in this desert seed for Minecraft.