Minecraft jungle temple seed 1.15.1 with village built in

This Minecraft 1.15.1 seed has a jungle temple right up against a taiga village! This is a very rare occurence and is very cool. This Minecraft village seed is interesting as it's rare to have one so close to a jungle temple because villages cannot spawn in jungles.

The seed is: 4117710564991474060

The coordinates of this are X-220 by Z-330. The village isn't that special but the jungle temple has gold and an enchanted book inside. This Minecraft seed for 1.15.1 is very well suited for any explorer who wants a basic taiga village and a jungle to explore. It's pretty crazy to find a seed like this. Who would have thought it's possible to find a jungle temple this close to a village. It would take a lot of world generation to find another one like this. What an interesting 1.15.1 village seed for Minecraft.