Cool Minecraft island seed 1.11.2 easy living

This is a pretty cool Minecraft 1.11.2 island seed. While the main way to survive is with trees, it's got so many of them it sure makes it easy. This is much easier than surviving on a one tree Minecraft island seed. Those are much harder.

The seed is: -752831801679569507

While this seed isn't very challenging, it's much better for players who want to play more casually on a generic island seed for Minecraft. There are enough trees to farm apples for days. There should be some grass here and there to start growing wheat for bread.

A Minecraft 1.11.2 seed like this sure is a great place to build a secluded paradise. There's plenty of space and enough wood to build pretty much anything. This is a great Minecraft 1.11.2 island seed to have some fun with.