Minecraft forest village seed 1.11.2 free saddle and horses

This is an epic Minecraft village seed 1.11.2 where players start off right next to some pigs and horses. In the village is a blacksmith that has a saddle to use. This is truly a wonderful Minecraft village seed to play on.

The seed is: -8590323796483231992

On top of this being a horse taming Minecraft seed, the village itself is pretty massive. This is one of the biggest Minecraft village seeds 1.11.2 by quite a bit. On top of all this the village is neatly tucked away into a forest with its own private lake.

This is a really well rounded Minecraft 1.11.2 seed. There's plenty to work with and build upon. There's roofed forest all around and at night it's a little spooky of a place to live. Either way this is a great place to build some really cool Minecraft houses.