Stardew Valley riverland farm map type

In Stardew Valley, the riverland farm map type is the best for fishing, hands down. The fish that can be found at the farm are better on this farm type than any of the other four maps. On top of that, the whole farm is a series of connected islands over top of a lake. From an artistic standpoint this is one of the most beautiful and visually appealing farm types of all.

There are some minor disadvantages to living on the Stardew Valley riverland farm type. The main issue is that it has the smallest amount of useable land out of all the farm maps. The amount of farming land is about the same as the hill-top farm map. While this could be an issue to some, for those who aren't planning to do massive amounts of farming, this is probably the most fun map of them all.

Youtube walkthrough of the riverland farm

This is also the perfect map for anyone who wants to fish for hours on end. Anybody who primarily wants to fish in Stardew Valley should pick the riverland farm map above all others.

While there isn't much land for farming, there's still enough to grow plenty of crops, but mass production of crops is probably out of the question. There's still room to raise animals as well, so while this map isn't ideal for farming and ranching, it's far from unusable. It's still easily possible to grow crops and raise animals on this Stardew Valley farm map.