Stardew Valley standard farm map type

In Stardew Valley players get to choose from 5 different farm types. This is the standard farm type, and is the best for growing crops and raising animals. Out of all five farming maps, this one has the most available space by far.

As with any of the other farm maps, this one starts off laden with rocks, logs, trees, grass, weeds, and stumps. It would take many days to clean up all the land and turn it into a giant field. Most players leave some of the land as woodland and let the trees grow so they can harvest the logs when they need it.

With the help of sprinklers and scarecrows, it could be possible to grow and maintain an enormous amount of crops on this farm type.

There are also two ponds, one very small pond by the house, and another larger pond in the bottom middle of the farm. While it is possible to fish in these ponds, it's probably not as effective for making money as farming at the ocean, river, or even down in the mine (yes there's fishing in the mine).

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Youtube walkthrough of the standard farm

Once cleaned up, this farm type has the least natural barriers blocking movement around the farm. In contrast, the farm maps with the most natural barriers is the hill-top farm map type, followed by the riverland farm map type. The hill-top farm has a lot of hills and large rocks and stumps blocking paths, which can only be broken with higher level tools. The river farm has very little useable land, and is a series of islands connected by bridges.

Overall the standard farm is the best Stardew Valley farm type for anyone who wants to simply grow crops. If mass producing vegetables and flowers is the goal, then this farm map type is the best map type.