Stardew Valley wilderness farm map type

The wilderness farm map type in Stardew Valley is a unique place to start off. It's got quite a bit of good farming land, an extra pond to the bottom left that's larger than the others. It has more farmable land than the forest farm by far, but not quite as much as the standard farm.

The main bonus to picking the wilderness farm, aside from the large lake, is that monsters spawn here after dark. The monsters that spawn in the farm are great for training up a players combat skill.

This is a great Stardew Valley farm map type for the more adventurous players. While it's not quite as exciting as it sounds, it's definitely a fun twist on an otherwise generic starting farm.

Youtube walkthrough of the wilderness farm

The other perks to picking the wilderness farm type is that there's a lot of land to farm on. This is a great place to grow plenty of crops and make a lot of money that way.

Other than that, the wilderness farm is surprisingly generic. It's an interesting farm to start off with, and overall it's a pretty well rounded farm map.