Warpath game / app alliances guide

We made a Warpath guide for how alliances work. This guide is meant to teach you the basics of all aspects of alliance, the benefits of being in one, and how to participate every day.

Alliances are critical part of the Warpath experience. Every player should be joining an alliance or making an alliance in this game. Alliances work together to control Raven objectives and for research to get bonuses to their stats.

Before we go into more detail, here's our YouTube guide explaining the basics of alliances:

How to join an alliance in Warpath

We'll start with how to join alliances. You can go to the alliances tab at the bottom of the screen while playing. From there, if you're not in an alliance you're presented with the option of joining an alliance or creating alliance.

If you choose to join an alliance you can see a list of alliances in your region of the game that have open recruitment. If you want to join a more powerful alliance you may have to message their leader or an officer to see if they'll let you apply and join.

How to leave an alliance in Warpath

If you're already in an alliance and want to leave it's actually more simple than it seems. Tap the alliance tab at the bottom and it should bring you to the main menu for your alliance. Tap the options button and this will bring up four options. The bottom option should be "leave alliance." This will get you out of your alliance so you can join a new one.

Helping with your alliance research

Every day, preferably twice per day, you should help with alliance research. It's basically free. It uses some resources, but almost nothing. You can contribute 20 times with one contribution regenerating every 30 minutes. Doing this gives you alliance points that you can spend in the alliance store. Also doing this helps your alliance unlock new tech which will give everyone in the alliance bonuses. Always be checking the alliance research daily to help out.

Central command, villages, and turrets

These are things that officers and alliance leaders worry about. They can turn villages into turrets if the alliance has more than 20 members. These provide a steady stream of alliance points which can be used for building other alliance buildings and for supplying the store with more goods for normal members to buy with their research points.

How to use the alliance store in Warpath

You get research points from contributing to research. You can use these to buy goodies from the alliance store. To access the alliance store, get to the alliance main menu and tap "store" at the bottom. The store is restocked when officers spend alliance points in the purchases tab of the store. If there's nothing good in the store, message an officer or the leader and ask them to spend some alliance points to fill the store with something to buy.

Benefits of being in an alliance in Warpath

Being in an alliance offers many benefits. The research that's completed gives everyone in the alliance bonuses to their individual games. Also controlling Raven transport hubs, military zones, etc. all give your alliance members benefits. Your alliance should strive to control as many of these raven structures as they possibly can.

Alliance also can protect you from aggressive alliances. Just as well you can join in with your alliance in massiveb attles to attack other alliances. If you're in a good alliance your leader(s) will mail everyone in the alliance and tell them a time to be on and join in on an attack. They may also set targets for people to attack and coordinate among members.

Being part of a good alliance is a vital part of the Warpath game / app experience. If you want to have a good time in Warpath, it's worth your time to find a good alliance in the region to be part of. If you can be part of a great alliance, it will make your game better, and you'll have a lot more fun. Alliances are one of the best parts of Warpath.