Cyberpunk 2077 prostitutes location

We made a Cyberpunk 2077 prostitutes guide. It turns out that you can have sex with prostitutes in Cyberpunk 2077 any time you want.

There's a section of town in Cyberpunk 2077 that has two prostitues, one is a man and one is a woman. You can make V have sex with either one regardless of your characters gender.

The prostitutes are represented on the map by a lips icon named "joytoy." There are two of these at the following location:

joy toy locations map.jpg

This place is underneath street level. It's kind of a rats nest around there, so be sure to track the joytoy on your map or it might be a struggle to find.

Now you know how to have sex in Cyberpunk 2077. It turns out there are in fact Cyberpunk 2077 prostitutes and you can in fact activate sex scenes in Cyberpunk 2077.