How to breach access points in Cyberpunk 2077

This is a Cyberpunk 2077 guide for breaching access points. If you want to know how to hack access points in Cyberpunk 2077, it's not as hard as it seems.

For starters, you have a buffer size. It starts at 4 and can be improved with cybernetic implants. This determines how many inputs you're allowed before the end of the breach.

You start off on the top row of the codes. You have to pick one code from the top row, then which ever code you pick, your next code will have to be picked from the vertical column of the first code you picked. After you pick another then it will flip again and you'll have to pick a code from the horizontal row of the code you just selected. The bar keeps flipping vertical than horizontal with each choice you select and then your next choice has to be from the same column or row of the code you just selected.

For example, if you pick the code at the top right, for your next code you can only select from the codes on the left side of the box. If you then pick the code at the bottom left, you can only select from the codes on the bottom of the box.

How to breach multiple datamines in acess points

This is more simple than it seems, the biggest thing getting in your way is the buffer size your character has. All datamine sequences have to be solved from left to right. If you don't pick a code that will crack the first part of the sequence, it will simple move over and wait for your next input. If you get to a point where you have less guesses left than sequences in a code, it will automatically fail.

You want to see what's available in the box ahead of time and then see if there is an order of codes where you can two for ones, or three for ones. If datamine v1 starts with c1 and v3 also starts with c1,  then if possible you want to start with c1 on the top row, assuming there's a combination you can find after that which will solve the sequences you want.

For example:

C1, 55

D5, 55, C1

55, D5, C1, 55

In this access point puzzle you should look to see if there's a 55 in the top row. If there is then you should see if there's a D5 down below it to select next. If there is, then look to see if there's a C1 to the left or the right of the D5 you would be selecting second. If you see that, then lastly check to see if there's a 55 above or below the C1 you would be selecting third. If that's the case then you can crack all three datamines in only three buffers.

If you've recieved cybernetic implants for a bigger buffer, then you can guess codes that aren't in any of the sequences if you have to, just to get you to the next code you want to guess. If you have 5 buffers then in the middle of the example above you could select a code that's in none of the datamines just to bridge you over to another code you need and you would still be able to solve all three at once.

Access Point breaching cheat

Are you a perfectionist who always wants to get all three in one go? Well there's a pretty simple Cyberpunk 2077 access point cheat for that. If you crunch the numbers and see that there's no way to get all three datamines, then simply close the mini game and reconnect to it. Doing this will reset all the codes and sequences to new ones. Now check again to see if there is any way to get all three, if not, close and reopen the access point again, as many times as you want until you can get all three.

That's all for this Cyberpunk 2077 access point guide. Hopefully now you have a better understanding of how to get all 3 datamines in access points.