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A double village Minecraft seed on an island

This is a really crazy Minecraft seed. Players start off on an island and there are two villages on it. These villages are so close to each other they can be seen in one screen. There's a giant mountain in the background just out of of the picture above. To the south is a third village, and it has a blacksmith. This is a truly epic seed and one of the best Minecraft seeds.

Minecraft double desert temple village seed

Look at this magnificent Minecraft seed with desert temples and a village. Players start pretty close to that village to the left. With a short swim across a river players can stumble upon some desert temple treasures. There's a saddle in one of those temples, other than that it's a boat load of generic temple items. This is a great seed, one of the best Minecraft seeds in this version.

Generic desert village seed for Minecraft

This is a pretty generic seed for Minecraft. Players start close to a large desert village near some plains. This sort of feels like an oasis in the desert. This is a great place for a lot of creative endeavors. While the village isn't too special, there's plenty of room to grow it, or do whatever feels appropriate for the area.

Another desert temple built into a village seed

Here's a crazy awesome Minecraft seed. Players start south of this interesting medium sized desert village. There's plenty of food and enough villagers to expand the village. The interesting part however is that there's a big desert temple right in the village. This place has some good treasures and loot and is a really nice touch to an otherwise mundane desert village seed for Minecraft.

Big Minecraft island seed by water temple

This Minecraft island seed / Minecraft water temple seed is pretty cool. This island starts players near an ocean monument. Also the island is pretty big with a lot of trees. This is one of the easiest islands to survive on by far. There's plenty of food, and it's easy to escape this island with a simple swim.

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