Big Minecraft island seed 1.15.2 near big mountains

Wow! What a crazy Minecraft island seed 1.15.2! Players start on this big jungle island seen above. The islands have parrots and chickens on them at a minimum. There are also some hidden caves that are beautifully placed on the island. There's a big chunk of frozen ocean nearby that's pretty cool. Just beyond the frozen ocean is a truly massive mountain in this Minecraft seed.

The seed is: -6119375103864924134

This is a great place to play on an island seed for anyone who wants an easy survival. This is not a difficult place to survive on and is a great relaxed Minecraft island seed. Players have so much room to work with on this jungle island seed, it's like a stranded at sea adventure on a jungle island. This is a great Minecraft 1.15.2 seed to create some truly magical Minecraft adventures. 

This seed also has jungle nearby on the shore with a jungle temple hidden somewhere and a village over in that direction somewhere. This place is one of the best Minecraft seeds.