Minecraft jungle temple seed 1.15.2 near shipwreck and mesa

Here's a fun Minecraft 1.15.2 seed with a jungle temple and a bamboo thicket to explore. There's a lake right near the start which has an ocean ruins in it which gives the treasure map for a buried treasure at the other end of the lake. The jungle temple is pretty close and there are more jungle temples if you're adventerous enough to find them in this deep and thick jungle.

The seed is: 2832138323538090893

The jungle temple can be found at X85 by Z250. The shipwreck near the jungle temple is found at X120 by Z360. The ocean ruins can be found at 310 by Z70. The mesa is in view from the shipwreck unless you have your render range all the way down. The jungle is absolutely massive, so if you're looking endless jungle to explore then you found the right Minecraft seed to play on. This is a really epic Minecraft jungle seed.