Pillager outpost village seed for Minecraft bedrock 1.16.200

We found a pretty good Minecraft bedrock 1.16.200 village seed. This time it's a village next to a pillager outpost. This Minecraft bedrock seed has all the basic warm biomes. It's a really good Minecraft 1.16.200 bedrock seed for that basic biomes feel. We got plains, desert, savanna, etc.

The seed is: -1912827199

You start literally in the village. It's a beautiful plains village with a big fissure and some lakes nearby. All of this is right next to the ocean. There's a river near the village and across it is their scary pillager overlords that they must pay tribute to or else they'll be raided.

On the far side of the desert is a mesa. There's a forest nearby as well where you can harvest trees for their lumber for asl ogn as you like. There's savanna on the opposite side as the pillager outpost. It's a pretty diverse series of biomes and all of them are the solid nice feeling biomes that everyone has fun playing with. It's a really quaint and pretty cool place to play Minecraft.