Funny Minecraft island bedrock seed 1.14.1 you and two sheep

Here's a funny Minecraft bedrock seed where players start on a barren island with two sheep. It's just you and the sheep, what will you do? If you weren't allowed to leave would you eat the sheep to survive? Or would you starve to save the sheep? That is the decision we all must make with this funny bedrock seed for Minecraft.

The seed is: 861146901799029

That's not all there is to this Minecraft bedrock island seed. Players can also go island hopping to many different islands. There are plenty of more reasonable islands to play on, there's no reason to be beholden to this two sheep island. Although it sure is funny if you try to survive on this island without leaving.

Nearby is a giant swamp biomes off in the distance and a frozen ocean. There are bigger islands with trees that players could easily survive off apples. This is a good island hopping seed for any players who want to craft a boat and go from island to island exploring the high seas. It's a good Minecraft seed.