Minecraft village bedrock seed 1.14.1 with three blacksmiths and horses by a forest

Wow what an epic Minecraft village seed for bedrock 1.14.1! Players start near a huge village, but what makes this so exciting is that this village has three blacksmiths. For anyone who doesn't know, blacksmiths tend to spawn the best loot possible out of any village structure. Each generation of a seed randomizes the loot, and since blacksmiths have the best loot, this means getting epic Minecraft loot in this bedrock seed almost every time it's generated.

The seed is: 259089898

Hands down one of the best single villages a player can hope for. This place also has a ton of animals. There are horses, pigs, cows, probably all the basic animals. With three blacksmiths the chances of starting with a saddle are very high. It might be a good idea to generate the seed a few times to make sure you get at least one saddle for the horses.

There's a lot of other fun features about this Minecraft seed bedrock edition. There's a big lake surrouned by birch forest right nearby. There's also a really shallow fissure nearby. There's a roofed forest too nearby which means an endless supply of monsters spawning at all times. This is truly another awesome Minecraft seed.